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June 12, 2020 08:36 AM

VARS Papers

VARS, June 26 2020: Constructing Accounting as a Public Policy Issue: The Framing of Fair Value Accounting during the Global Financial Crisis of 2007–09 - Kirstin Becker, Holger Daske and Christoph Sextroh


VARS, June 19 2020: Public company auditing around the Security Exchange Act - Thomas Bourveau, Matthias Breuer, Jeroen Koenraadt, and Robert Stoumbos


VARS, June 12 2020: Agencification – replacing liberal democracy with neoliberal accountability - Christine Cooper, Jonathan Tweedie, Jane Andrew and Max Baker


VARS, June 5 2020: Control as Seduction: Gamification at Foursquare - Chris Chapman, Wai Fong Chua and Tanya Fiedler


VARS, May 29 2020: Public Tax Disclosures and Investor Perceptions - Victor Van Pelt, Bart Dierynck, Martin Jacob, Maximilian Mueller and Christian Peters


VARS, May 22 2020: The effect of private political information on macroeconomic forecast accuracy - Claudia Imperatore and Andrea Bafundi


VARS, May 15 2020: Early modern accounting and the emergence of the administrative state - Carlos Larrinaga and Marta Macías





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