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June 07, 2019 02:13 PM

EAA PhD Forum 2019: Trends in Empirical Financial Accounting Research

This is the slide deck of my session during the EAA PhD Forum 2019 on "Recent Trends in Empirical Accounting Research".

The session focusses on the environment of financial reporting and disclosure - or, more generally: corporate communication and its interaction with capital markets. The last two decades have seen (1) fundamental changes of the information environment of the firm, but also an explosive growth in (2) new types of data, and (3) machine-readability and analyzability of traditonal data. Not only have the introduction of IFRSs as well as regulatory reforms in response to a series of financial crises and corporate scandals changed the regulatory environment of corporate disclosure and financial reporting. Societal developments as well as advances in information technology and automatization also affect the set of available information and how firms communicate information to investors. Capital market-oriented firms increasingly report about social and environmental-related issues and use social media channels to disseminate information. At the same time, the variety of information sources available to investors is constantly increasing, including new types of information such as crowd-based information produced on and disseminated through online platforms such as SeekingAlpha or Estimize. All these developments, including simultaneous advances in data availability and research methodologies, offer exciting new research opportunities. While we will discuss these developments primarily from the perspective of empirical archival research, the session also touches upon experimental approaches and potential research opportunities.

Please note that the slides primarily serve as an introduction for Master/PhD students and are far from perfect. In particular, given the broad nature of the topic, the selection of subject areas discussed during the session is necessarily incomplete and subjective. Any suggestions for additions/corrections are very welcome (email me at You are welcome to share the slides with students, but please do not post the slides on a public server. Thanks in advance!

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