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June 17, 2019 04:42 PM

EAA 2019 Symposium: EAR Symposium - Literature Reviews in Accounting

Given the ever-increasing output of scientific research in our accounting field, the EAA 2019 hosted a Symposium on literature reviews in accounting. Timely, informed, comprehensive and articulated literature reviews represent a necessary and useful tool to the entire academic community. Literature reviews have different functionalities: they foster reflexivity, analysis and justification of different areas of scholarly investigation, articulating their achievements, providing critical analysis of their failures and signalling areas where new research can make substantial extensions of previous work. They invite to broaden scholarship by identifying areas that are under-represented in accounting research. They enhance our understanding of the functioning of accounting by articulating the relationship between different theories and by building the gap between diverse research traditions in accounting.

This repository contains the four presentations given by the Speakers at the Symposium: Anne d’Arcy (Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)), Andrei Filip (ESSEC Business School), Carlos Larrinaga (University of Burgos), Hervé Stolowy (HEC Paris).



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