Patricia Everaert

Associate Professor in Accounting at Ghent University

Prof. dr. Patricia Everaert is currently an Associate Professor at the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation. Her teaching domains are Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. She did research on Innovations in Management accounting (Target Costing, Time-driven Activity-based Costing), Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role of Accountant in society. Her latest research highlights her interest in Accounting Education, focusing on teaching innovations to engage active and digital learning.

Patricia Everaert has published in various international journals such as International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Psychical Distributional and Logistics Management, Small Business Economics, Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management, British Accounting Review, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Asian Review of Accounting, Journal of Accounting Education, Issues in Accounting Education, Accounting Education, Research in Higher Education, Accounting Forum, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, etc.

Furthermore, she is the co-author of several textbooks in the area of Financial Accounting, e.g. Introduction to Financial Accounting (De Lembre, Everaert, Verhoeye); Financial Accounting for Corporations (De Lembre, Everaert, Verhoeye) as well as in the area of Management Accounting, e.g. Essentials of Management Accounting (Everaert, Bruggeman, Hoozée); Analytical Cost Accounting (Bruggeman, Everaert, Hoozée, Patfoort). Patricia Everaert has received awards as best reviewer (Accounting Education 2010), best teacher (Ghent University, nominated for Minerva Price 2013), best PhD-tutor (Ghent University 2016) and for several best papers at conferences and journals (2011, 2012, 2012, 2015). She is Associate editor at Accounting Education.

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