Martien Lubberink

Associate Professor Accounting and Capital

I completed my PhD in Economics at Groningen University. I have since worked at Maastricht University and at Lancaster University. After my sabbatical year at UNC Chapel Hill, I joined De Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank of the Netherlands. Here I contributed to the development of new regulatory capital standards and regulatory capital disclosure standards for banks worldwide and for banks in Europe (Basel III and CRD IV respectively). I also acquired comprehensive expertise on capital instrument issuances that qualify for Tier 1 and Tier 2 regulatory bank capital. Dr. Lubberink regularly contributes to the Capital Issues blog, a blog dedicated to advancing knowledge about the complex world of regulatory bank capital.

This blog attracts a few thousand readers each month. It received favourable press from the Financial Times and it was quoted by Matt Levine (Bloomberg). I regularly write for interest, New Zealand’s largest financial website. I have offered inputs to newspapers, such as Bloomberg, The Economist, Euromoney, the Financial Times, Risk Magazine, and SNL Financial. I regularly contribute to panel discussions on bank capital. My research interests focus on the interface between accounting and equity capital. Publications resulting from my interest investigate conservatism for cross-listed firms, i.e. firms with stock listed at multiple exchanges.

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