EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Experimental Research Design

September 20, 2021 to September 22, 2021
Brussels, Belgium
Submission deadline: 
July 15, 2021
In this seminar, a highly interactive workshop format is adopted where we discuss and practice each of the following stages in experimentation, from research question to research paper:

Introduction: To experiment or not to experiment?

  • Type of questions: causality vs correlations
  • Types of effects
  • Generating testable –and interesting- hypotheses

Overview and Design: What kind of experiment? 

  • Between participant designs
  • Within participant designs
  • Mixed designs

Independent and Dependent Variables: Operationalizations

  • Tasks, paradigms and measures
  • Varying IV’s and moderators: manipulating states, measuring traits
  • Measuring DV’s and mediators; (explicit vs. implicit measures)

Procedure:  Conducting experiments in the lab or field:

  • Paper-and-pencil studies
  • programming experiments in Authorware, Qualtrics, Medialab or E-Prime
  • Collecting the data from the lab or field

Analysis and Results

  • Importing the data in SPSS
  • Testing your hypotheses: Moderation, mediation and beyond (i.e., testing mediated moderation/moderated mediation)

General Discussion:

  • From results to publications
  • Pitfalls and tips in pursuing a focused research program