Welcome to the ARC!

The EAA is very excited to welcome you to the Accounting Research Center (ARC)!

Watch the promotion video and scroll to see the details of the raffle.

Update: we have extended the deadline of the raffle to the 2nd of June!

Details raffle:

Prize pool:
10 x 100,- Euros

How to enter:

  1. Register and create a public profile
  2. Participate at least once through any of the below:
    • Write a blog article
    • Start a new thread on the forum
    • Upload a new and useful resource to the repository

Note: only commenting/replying is not sufficient to enter

Before the 21st of May the 2nd of June. 

Winners will we notified by the e-mail address attached to their EIASM account.

Request for selected winners:

All selected winners will be asked to contribute to a blog series. For conference attendees, for example, we are planning to create a blog series related to stories of the 2017 EAA conference. Details on this request will be communicated when the winners are announced.