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Using interviews in accounting research
The slides from my presentation at the EAA PhD Forum in Valencia.
Improving the ARC
Thorsten Sellhorn – May 09, 2017
The ARC will be successful if it meets users' needs - YOUR needs! In this forum post, please ...
ARC - the digital transformation of the EAA community
Philip Joos
The launch of the Accounting Research Center (ARC) is a milestone in the 40 year history of the...
Welcome to the ARC!
The EAA is very excited to welcome you to the Accounting Research Center (ARC)! Watch the...
PhD Forum EAA2017: Using interviews in accounting research
Martin Messner
I look forward to the PhD Forum at the EAA2017 in Valencia. I will give a talk about the use of...
PhD Paper Review Program under development

The EAA ARC will soon offer PhD students who are EAA members a unique opportunity to have their PhD proposals and papers reviewed by a senior accounting researcher. Please check back often—and consider submitting!

Best way to extract earnings releases from EDGAR?
Ties de Kok – Mar 18, 2017
Dear ARC members, For a research project of mine I am looking to analyze earnings releases but I...
Using SAS to conduct Propensity Score Matching (PSM)
Wenjiao Cao – May 19, 2017
Hi, ARC members, I came across a paper that is recently available on SSRN, which provides the...
The Doctorate (PhD) In Accountancy In Europe: 1.1
Willem Buijink
EIASM, the European Institute for Advanced Studies is Management is an important institution for...
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