Using SAS to conduct Propensity Score Matching (PSM)

Wenjiao Cao
May 19, 2017

Hi, ARC members,

I came across a paper that is recently available on SSRN, which provides the SAS code and Marco for coducting propensity score matching (PSM).

The PSM method is nowadays quite popular, if you are using Stata, there is already a well-developed command in Stata.  However, if you are using SAS, the coding will be somehow tedious. The SAS code for PSM is provided by Steven Utke from the University of  Connecticut. You can find the paper using the following link if you are interested :

Tri Tri Nguyen
Jun 23, 2017

Thank Wenjiao Cao. I am also doing PSM and come to this reference (which adopted from another reference Basically, they are very helpful. However, I think some codes of the SSRN paper were not tested in a dataset, therefore they need some modifications.

Cheers, Tri